Commercial Clearance

Commercial waste disposal in Wiltshire

No matter what industry you work in, it’s almost certain that large amounts of waste will be created. With Get It Cleared, you can spend less time and money removing your industrial waste. We comply with all environmental requirements, too, so you can rest assured we care for the environment!

Maintaining a safe and accessible working environment

We do even more than regular commercial waste disposal. Our team of professional removal specialists can get rid of asbestos in ceilings and walls which are found in many old buildings.

Waste that may be harmful to people or the environment needs to be handled with care and processed safely e.g. acid batteries, fluorescent lighting tubes, Asbestos, Aerosols, Paint, Brake fluids and much more…

With our expertise, professionalism and equipment, we can move huge loads, and even provide a cheaper alternative to skip hire.

Get It Cleared doesn’t stop until you’re satisfied, and as we’re fully licensed by the Environment Agency, you can rest assured we will maintain your company’s corporate responsibility by acting with care at all times.